Refined Impact Earns Google AdWords Partner Status

/Refined Impact Earns Google AdWords Partner Status

Refined Impact Earns Google AdWords Partner Status

CELEBRATION, FL — Refined Impact, a 360° digital media agency providing marketing products and services for local businesses, today announces their partnership with Google as a Google AdWords Partner.

Refined Impact joins a group of elite agencies that meet Google’s stringent eligibility and training requirements, including a track record of expertise and experience in delivering high-performing AdWords campaigns for small and medium-sized businesses.

“We are thrilled to strengthen our relationship with Google by becoming a Partner” said Sam Lombardi, Managing Partner at Refined Impact.  “Receiving this distinction underscores our commitment to providing the most effective digital advertising solutions to small and medium-sized businesses.”


Refined Impact Earns Google AdWords Partner Status


The Google AdWords Partner Program recognizes agencies that demonstrate skill and expertise in the AdWords platform, consistently deliver client revenue growth, and meet rigorous performance standards across all managed campaigns.  In addition to expertise and performance, AdWords partners provide full-service campaign management, dedicated customer support, and marketing guidance to help advertisers grow their businesses and make the most out of their advertising budgets.

AdWords Partners meet Google’s highest standards and criteria for qualification, transparency, and customer service, which includes completing extensive Google product training. This ensures they can provide small businesses with the most effective advertising solutions.  Refined Impact has exceeded the standards set for Google Partner status, including continued revenue growth on behalf of all their Partners’ advertising campaigns.

“Our Search Engine Marketing service is a key element to our 360° approach at helping our Partners grow their businesses” said Dave Morgan, National Account Manager at Refined Impact.  “Refined Impact is committed to providing the highest caliber digital advertising services for our current and future Partners.”


About Refined Impact, Google AdWords Partner

Refined Impact™ is a 360° Digital Media Agency specializing in Web Design, Digital Advertising (PPC), Corporate Video, and Social Media Management.  Refined Impact™ helps Partners connect with more customers through a unique blend of digital and real-world business expertise.


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About the Author:

Sam Lombardi
Sam Lombardi is Managing Partner and Co-Founder of Refined Impact, a fast-growing Digital Media Agency with offices in New Jersey, South Carolina, and Florida. With a background in business development and technology, Sam designs and builds solutions that create long-term value for Refined Impact's partners. He is passionate about helping organizations reach their full potential, both physically and digitally, so they have the resources to serve local communities via job creation and philanthropy. In addition to his hands-on experience building both startups and franchises, Sam studied Information Technology and Marketing at the New Jersey Institute of Technology and holds a BS in Business, as well as several Google certifications. It is his unique combination of experience in the corporate and technology sectors that make Sam a valuable asset to Refined Impact and their partners.