DJI will be busy this week as they deal with an influx of service requests due to their Mavic Pro glare issues.

View test video footage we sent to DJI via our YouTube channel.

DJI began shipping out its latest batch of Mavic Pro drones this month but users aren’t going to be happy when they notice the Mavic Pro glare that’s occurring due to a defect in the camera.

There is a noticeable glare in the bottom left corner of the video.  We tested this glare issue with (and without) the gimbal cover.  Our results found that the glare is consistent in the bottom left corner of the video.  This Mavic Pro glare issue seems to occur even when the camera is facing away from the sun.   Below are comparison images with and without the gimbal cover.


Mavic Pro Glare Issue

Mavic Pro Glare Issue, side-by-side comparison with and without gimbal cover.


In addition to the Mavic Pro glare issue, we also noticed a compression artifact in the right side of the video.  A compression artifact is a distortion caused by data compression.  You can see the Mavic Pro glare and artifact issues in the image below.


Mavic Pro glare and compression artifact.

Mavic Pro glare and compression artifact.


We’ve heard from other Mavic Pro owners who experienced the same glare issue.  Their drones also arrived this week.   It is possible that this issue affects all or most of the Mavic Pro drones that were manufactured in this latest batch.

We sent test footage to DJI and spoke with them about this issue. They confirmed that the Mavic Pro glare issue is a result of a defective camera.  A DJI repair center representative suggested sending in defective devices for warranty replacement.   They also informed us that they do not currently have any Mavic Pro drones in stock to send as a replacement.  If you have a defective Mavic Pro, be prepared for long wait times on warranty replacements!

If you recently received your new drone and are experiencing this glare issue with your Mavic Pro, please let us know in the comments!