As a business owner you might be considering working from home while still managing your office, but it can be a scary jump at first. You might worry that your team won’t be as productive, or that you won’t be able to contribute to crucial projects.  Try using the following tips, and you should be able to run your office smoothly from your home, the hardware store, or even the beach!

Perform Evaluations

If you want to be able to keep your team in check when you’re not there, you should provide some incentive for them to perform at their best. Evaluating your team on a regular basis ensures that they understand they are being rewarded for their performance, even if you’re not there when they’re working.

Set Performance Goals

Without a goal it’s hard to know which target you’re aiming for. When you set clear goals for your team they’ll need clarification less often, and it frees up your time and theirs. Make it essential for results-oriented belief systems to lead their actions, not just clocking in and working overtime to get the extra hours without the added productivity.

Use Communication Apps

Modern communication apps are a technological marvel. They let you act as if you’re in the same room as your team. Cameras can live-feed to your smartphone or laptop so you can chat, send messages, share documents, and even hop on a phone call or video call with apps like Slack. The best part is these are free or low cost, especially when you factor in the time saved.

Schedule In-Person Socializing

Your team wants to see you and connect with you to feel they have a leader that cares. So schedule a company gathering over food and drink every once in a while. It keeps everyone synced up and feeling like they are genuinely on the same page: face to face contact is still valuable in today’s world.

Managing your office from home can be a freeing experience. However, that does not mean you can ditch your team. You need to give them guidance, set expectations, and check in on them from time to time. The good news is, using the tips above, this is easier and more feasible than ever before.

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