Millennials have been part of the workforce for some time, however as Gen Z moves into the workforce in greater numbers you’ll need to be prepared to bridge the gap.  This includes having the right systems and strategies in place to run an effective business while hiring Gen Z workers. Here are three things to pay attention to:

Be Mobile Friendly

For most of human history, no one grew up with smartphone or internet technology.  Previous generations have adapted to cell phones and computers, and eventually saw the rise of the internet. However, Gen Z is unique.

While Generation Z may have childhood memories of life without fancy tech, they now have a heavy reliance on mobile technology. They grew up with technology all around them. It is the primary way they communicate, appreciate, and research data. Make your workplace mobile friendly or suffer without the top talent in the Gen Z crop.

Create a Work Culture They Enjoy

People want to work somewhere they enjoy being. They want a culture that speaks to their deepest desires and identity. However, in the past, money was more of a motivating factor that often overcame this desire.

Today, Gen Z is more focused on lifestyle than anything else. They have grown up seeing people work whenever, wherever, and however they can to make sure the family was cared for.  They especially don’t want to be miserable when they think of work!  If you are going to compete for talent, make sure your office offers something unique that transcends traditional business environments.

Leverage Social Media

 Your website and communication strategies should foster a good relationship with the next generation. Social media is king, and companies who embrace these platforms will have better reputations, be seen as cooler places to work, and ultimately attract more business at the end of the day.

Gen Z employees are entirely different than any generation before them. If you want to have success and profits going forward, you need to be prepared.  Utilize the tips above to maximize on potential Gen Z new hires that are entering the workforce in a big way.