You can’t run a successful business today without a variety of apps and other technology. From marketing, to security, to financials, how you manage your technology and innovate within it will define what kind of advantage you have in your marketplace. So here are four tips for helping you get the most out of your business technology:

Big Data Visualization and Organization

Having data on your customers, your market, and your company’s performance is vital. However, if the applications that are collecting this data are not up to par, you could miss out on key insights that can help you create new solutions, cut expenses, or address other issues. For example, in computing, 40% CPU utilization is actually not a good thing. Below 75% means you are wasting resources, but above 90% and you are probably starting to run into thread and CPU contention.

To monitor, collect, and analyze data properly, you need a great application performance management APM tool so you can hand the data off to the appropriate parties for better decision making across the board.

Integration and WebHooks

You likely have various pieces of business software that exist solely online. These often make it difficult to talk with applications that might run in a different environment, such as on a desktop or mobile device.

If you leverage webhooks, you can avoid reinventing the wheel by connecting these different software platforms over the internet. It puts you in the driver seat and lets you integrate whatever apps you need, so the actions happen seamlessly without data loss.


Security is something that can make or break your company today. With one breach, you are facing a PR nightmare that is hard to come back from.

Instead of hoping that a data leak won’t happen to you, take proactive measures to prevent it.   Ensure that you’re monitoring your website for security vulnerabilities, and utilizing network monitoring tools to ensure you are in control of data flow at all times.  Don’t know how?  Give us a call!

Sales Funnel Automation

Without a proper sales funnel strategy, you risk letting your competitors engage and convert more of your market than you. Sales funnel automation is the solution!

When you automate your funnel, you allow your social media, email, and front end website traffic send data to the back end without custom commands. This way, you have more data in real time to help you increase conversions.


Digital technology has transformed every industry on the planet. Whether you are a small company or large corporation, how you use and manage your technology will either hurt or help your business goals. There is no middle ground. So make sure you are using the tips above to get the most out of every application and piece of technology that you rely on every day.

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